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Remote Off-Site Backup by JDS Networking is the best way to guarantee your critical data is safe, even after a catastrophic event! Starting at as little as $12.49 per month - only $0.40 per day - you will know your data is safely stored off-site!

You may currently backup to tape, but have you ever tested it? Are you sure that it’s really working?!?! Do you always remember to change the tapes? If your building burns down can you still purchase a replacement tape drive to restore your tapes from?  All those questions need to be answered... BEFORE a disaster!

Backing up to USB drives sitting beside the server has an even worse potential outcome in the event of a fire or theft - those drives will be gone along with your backups and you will have nothing left to restore from!!

Tape backup is still a common way to backup very large volumes of data, but Remote Off-Site Backup can be a very inexpensive addition to your current disaster recovery solution. For some, off-site backup may be all you need. The statistical failure rate trying to restore from a tape backup is pretty high, especially if multiple tapes are used.  It should be tested often!

Allow JDS Networking to examine your current backup solution and determine how Remote Off-Site Backup can fit into your disaster recovery plans!

* Secure, 128-bit SSL encrypted and fully HIPPA compliant

* Open / Locked file support

* 90 Days of Backup File Versions (up from 30!)

* Block Level incremental backups for fast performance

* Continual or daily scheduled backups

* SLQ & Exchange Server Support with VSS

* Network Share Backup Support

* Data Seeding with our Data Shuttle for initial backup available!!

* Local AND Remote Off-Site Backups! NEW - iPhone/iPad App!!!!

* NEW Lower Pricing! Backup Multiple Computers With No Licenses *

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