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All companies today have computers that they depend on. Whether a law firm, accountant, or any other type of business... computers are a necessary part of life. If they go down, often business grinds to a halt.

What options do you have? You could hire someone “in-house” and have your own IT Staff... OR you could save thousands a year by outsourcing the IT and Help Desk work to a solutions provider. If you don’t want or can’t afford the expense and overhead that a full time employee requires, allow JDS Networking to become your IT Staff at a fraction of the cost of hiring your own technicians.

We will develop a long-term relationship with your company and staff to become your “computer guy” and be available any time there is a problem or need. Many of our clients have been with us 28+ years! That demonstrates our commitment to your success and satisfaction.

What if you have your own IT Staff? JDS Networking can be a valuable resource to them as well. We can provide Help Desk support if they run into something they can’t handle, or if two problems come up at once overwhelming their resources. With JDS available and on-call, you can actually let your IT Staff have a real vacation (great for morale!), knowing that things are taken care of even in their absence.

We offer many Remote Support Services that are available to your IT staff or employees as needed. They can also be used as a resource to your staff if they perform work at your clients offices, such as accountants. We can “be there” to assist them if they run into problems that keep them from getting their work done - no matter where they are!!

Allow JDS Networking to be your IT Department…

At a fraction of the cost of an on-staff full time employee!

Since 1988... Making Technology Work For You...


* Network Administration

* Disaster Planning and Assessments

* Network Inventory and Monitoring

* IT Outsourcing

* Network Security and Protection

* Remote Off-Site Backup

* Cloud Hosted Services

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