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Are you prepared if your server crashes? What if the hard drive in a critical payroll computers dies? Is your backup really working? Has it ever been tested? How would you get back up and running if a fire destroyed your building?  What if one of the “Crypto” viruses infected your network, can you recover?

These are all questions that need to be answered before it’s too late!!

Allow JDS to perform a Disaster Recovery Assessment and evaluate your current backup and disaster recovery measures. We will let you know if they are working, or just giving you a false sense of security!

We can offer recommendations to make things safer and more reliable. Options such as hard drive mirroring or RAID, HD backup, hard drive images burned to external media, UPS power protection, Remote Off-Site Backup, continuous data protection hardware, etc…

Another important, but often overlooked area is your workstations. Local files, email, documents, programs... all should be included in your backup solution.  If your network is not configured correctly, users may have many important files stored on their local computers instead of  on the backed up servers!

An exciting service we offer is Remote Off-Site Backup. It is a secure Cloud based service that requires no user intervention to completely protect your critical data including Exchange, SQL & active directory! Check the link to the right for more information.

Hard drive images are another great way to reduce downtime. By creating an “image” of a computer, in an emergency you can restore the image without having to re-install ANY software - unlike the “system restore” CD’s that come with many computers that require you to re-install ALL of your software, then spend hours installing updates!

With our Remote Server Monitoring we can provide 24/7 protection for your servers & workstations and be instantly aware of potential issues before they turn into costly disasters! Also add monitoring & inventory to your workstations!

Don’t let a computer crisis cripple your business!

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