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Our Network Inventory Service gives you an accurate picture of what your network is really made of and, just as important… how it is being used!

Do you really know what software is installed in your company? It is all legal, or is there pirated software that users have installed? Do you have all the software install codes or serial numbers if you need to reinstall? Are unauthorized or dangerous programs installed - such as music or file sharing software?

We can perform an exhaustive hardware and software inventory of every computer in your company, giving you detailed reports showing everything, down to the serial numbers and install keys! Also consider our Remote Sever Monitoring for a full proactive solution for early problem detection and inventory!

Productivity... how do you measure it? It is in lost time that employees spend on the Internet shopping, on Facebook sharing gossip, or chatting on IM? Even worse… what if they are surfing “adult” sites that can open your business up to sexual harassment lawsuits, or serious spyware infections! Are employees using file sharing software and illegally downloading movies & music that could cost your company thousands in copyright infringement legal action!

Is anyone downloading and installing that cute new screen saver or weather app? You know, the “free” one that happens to download spyware that tracks what they do online, or worse... steals login information and passwords??

JDS Networking can give you answers to all these questions and offer solutions to help protect your business! From Monitoring software to track what employees are doing to Firewalls that can block access to Internet traffic that you do not authorize.

Knowing how your network is really used can protect you!

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