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In today’s world, security is not an option... it's a necessity! Viruses, SpyWare, MalWare, AdWare, RansomeWare, Hackers and even disgruntled former employees are all very real security threats. JDS can evaluate your current security and show you how to protect your business.

Do you have wireless or remote access to your network? Is it setup correctly and securely? Do you have a firewall to protect your network? These are all things you need to be concerned about.

Another area to be aware of is unknown attacks from innocent employees surfing the Internet! There are an increasing number of infected pages online, even on popular sites like Facebook! If your computers are constantly fighting virus & malware infections, then your protection is not working!

If you’re lucky, infections may only be an irritating pop-up ads, but they can also be stealing your login and password information, your credit cards used for online purchases and your company data! Some like the Crypto malware can actually encrypt all of your data… forcing you to completely restore everything (if you have a protected backup) or pay the hackers a ransom to maybe get back access to it!!

Let JDS evaluate your current security and make recommendations such as anti-virus, anti-malware, spam filtering, website filtering and firewalls. Can you afford to take your chances? You will loose! Are you trying to save money with “free” software that doesn’t really protect you? You loose with that too!

If you’re already have virus or spyware infections, JDS can help with removal of those as well as offer you real protection! We offer all the major anti-virus & anti-spyware software with network & multi-user licensing that can save $$$$

Today Security is not an option... it’s a necessity!!

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