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Has your hard drive died? Is your computer infected with a virus or spyware? Has Windows crashed or will no longer boot? Are you worried about loosing valuable data that you are unable to access?

This is where JDS Networking can help!!

Using the latest in Forensic Data Recovery procedures, tools, software and techniques we may be able to recover the data that you can no longer access! We even have “clean room” access for physically damaged drives or media!!

Many things can keep you from getting to your files - corruption in Windows making it unable to boot, invalid partition tables, bad spots on hard drives, virus or spyware corruption, accidentally erasing files, accidentally formatting a hard drive or running a “recovery CD” and many other things...

* Windows not booting or corrupt

* Accidental or intentional file deletion

* Accidental or intentional hard drive format

* Running a “system recovery” and loosing your data

* Deleted a memory card from you camera

* Novell Netware NSS or NWFS Volume that will not mount

* Deleted emails in Outlook or Outlook Express

* Damaged or Corrupt Outlook PST files

* RAID partition on a Windows Server corrupt

* Damaged Word, Excel or Access files

* Damaged CD/DVD or floppy disk

* Hard drive clicking or making noises

* Computer doesn’t recognize a hard drive or media

While no service can guarantee 100% success rates, we will employ all the latest tools available to attempt recovery of all possible files! The quicker you get the drive to us, the better the chances of recovering your data!! The longer you wait, the odds can go down, especially for erased files that may be overwritten.

WARNING:  DO NOT run a “system restore” or “system recovery” if your computer will not boot and you have important files on it.  They may overwrite your files and make them impossible to recover!

REMEMBER…. It’s better to have a good backup, than assume you can recover data!!

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