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JDS Networking LLC, Huntington Ashland Ironton

Have you heard of “The Cloud” and don’t know if it can help your business, or are you afraid you might be missing out? We can help explain what “The Cloud” is and how you can benefit from it! Basically the Cloud gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere through the Internet. Sounds simple, right?

A website and email are a perfect examples of basic Cloud based services. Whether stored on a server located in your office, or more commonly “out there” on the Internet, both can be considered Cloud services.

Another example is Hosted Exchange Servers which you can use instead of having to buy and maintain an Exchange server in your office. It allows you to access your email, calendars, contacts, etc from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Office 365, Exchange Online, Gmail, Yahoo are examples of cloud email.

It can be taken a step further with services that allow you to access your data files from anywhere. Services like OneDrive, DropBox & SugarSync are good examples. Taken even further... you can have all of your data, programs and even your server hosted in the Cloud. All you need is an Internet connection and everything is there for you no matter where you are!

Do those things sound too good to be true? They’re not! However, there are a LOT of considerations to take into account before jumping blindly into the Cloud. You need to consider all the pro’s, con’s, benefits, limits, dangers and everything else that comes into play with The Cloud… before you get lost in the fog!

That is where a Cloud Services Integrator comes into play. We can help you cut through the fog to see how The Cloud can benefit you! Know which services could help and also the ones that may not work for your business! We have been working with online services since the days of dial-up, bulletin boards and Compuserve, so we have years of experience watching Cloud Services evolve into what we have today.

Cloud Services by JDS Networking

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