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Having problems connecting to the Internet? Getting an “illegal operation” warning from a program? Seeing the dreaded “blue screen of death”? Getting pop-up ads even when your not on the Internet? Getting mysterious “security” warning about a virus infection? Or maybe an “I can’t print” problem?

Those are just some of the problems that can cause frustration and often waste hours of time trying to fix on your own!! Let JDS take care of them for you! We have over 30 years of professional experience solving problems just like those and can get you back up and running as quickly as possible!

We also offer a full range of software and hardware upgrades, migration to new computers, installation and troubleshooting services. If you need a larger hard drive, we can migrate everything from the old one to the new one in a matter of minutes without having to reinstall anything - saving time and money.

If you are considering an upgrade talk with us first! Often upgrading existing systems are either not necessary or even more expensive than replacing them! We can let you know what makes the most sense. Never let a “computer tech” tell you to upgrade “because it’s old” without giving you a good reason why!

Also, some old software will not work with new computers, especially with Windows 8 or 10! Imagine buying a new computer and discovering after you try to get it running that your payroll software is not compatible!!

Now what do you do?

At JDS we will recommend what’s best for your business... PERIOD!! We will also back up our recommendations with real reasons why we suggest them... not just “because it’s old” or “there is a new version out”.  Never settle for scare tactics or “reasons” like that to spend your money!

Also, do not assume replacing a server or throwing money at a problem with fix network issues! We recently helped a new client that was told by their previous IT company that they needed a new server to fix a connectivity problem they were having with two computers in their office.

They had already spent almost $3,000 in support time trying to fix a problem before being told they needed a new server.  JDS was called for a second opinion and found a faulty 5-port network switch hidden behind a file cabinet causing all the problems!

Our Experience Makes a Difference!!

Since 1988... Making Technology Work For You...


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