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At JDS Networking we have many options for our customers to choose from to access our business services: Hourly Billing, Monthly Contracts, Per Job Bids and our discounted Support Now packages.

Hourly Billing - with this option the customer is billed by the hour for services rendered. There are no discounts, but only the actual time used is charged. This is the best option for clients that require very little support, or want to closely monitor their budget.

Monthly Contracts - with this option there is a fixed monthly bill that covers a set number of hours that can be used in any way the client decides. Our contract customers receive priority support and discounted rates on the contract hours. The discounts also go up with the number of contract hours. This is best for clients that have regular monthly needs, need priority support and want a fixed monthly cost for their budget.

Per Job Bids - If a client is planning a large job, this option allows them to budget an exact amount for our work. While often not the least expensive option, it does let you know up front the exact total cost to plan for.

Support Now Package - This is a great option for clients that know they will need support over the next few months or year and want to purchase a block of time up-front to get a discount. The time can be used in any way needed and never expires. This is a great option to go along with a monthly contract to handle overages to the contract hours.

Those are our standard billing options….we can also custom design a solution that meets your needs!

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