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JDS is proud to announce that through a partnership with the area’s leading printer service company we offer printer repair and maintenance for all brands and types of printers - HP, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Okidata, Kodak and many other laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers!

We offer the lowest printer service and repair rates in the area, with both on-site and carry-in service work available. With both repair and preventive maintenance, we can handle all your printing needs.

We also offer very low prices on laser printer toner cartridges and printer parts. The next time you need toner or ink for your printers, let JDS save you money!

A word of caution if you try re-built toner cartridges - not all are the same! Many “re-built” cartridges are just re-filled with toner and nothing else. That leaves worn parts to cause problems. We offer cartridges that are fully factory re-manufactured that have all the worn parts replaced - not just new toner dumped in the old cartridge!! We fully back our cartridges with a money-back guarantee!

If you have printer jams, squeaks, streaks or any other problems, let our trained technicians service your printers and solve your problems. Many of the older printers are actually built better than newer ones and are worth the small cost to repair compared to replacing with a cheaper one that will have more problems.

Also, if you need to connect your printers or copiers to your network for everyone to share, JDS can take care of those networking needs as well.

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